Best in class content

Best in class content

Top teachers and trainers help you grow and learn with over 400 videos covering hundreds of training and teaching skills for dogs, horses and other animals.


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Most videos can be purchased for under $60. Once purchased they are yours forever, with access 24/7 from your personal library.

Pack learning

Pack learning

We can help your organization train with private group subscriptions. Contact us for groups of 10 or more.

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You can watch on any web enabled device - from your laptop, desktop, tablet and phone in fully mobile responsive format. Bring us a browser, we'll bring you the learning.

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Ahead of the Pack

We feature exclusively effective positive reinforcement trainers and training methods. All videos in our catalog have been curated to provide you the best, most authoritative training information we can find. The ClickerExpo conference, for example, is one of the flagship authoritative, exclusive sources of content in our catalog, featuring world class trainers and behavior experts like Ken Ramirez, Susan Friedman, Hannah Branigan, Kathy Sdao, Michele Pouliot,and 40+ others. Have a peek!