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Uncensored: Let’s Talk Canine Sports

Join a live, wide-open discussion of canine sports with a panel of top-level trainers and authors who compete in and/or coach Obedience, Freestyle, Agility, and Nose Work.

You’ll get the backdrop and backstory on great triumphs and failures, learn how these experts navigate roadblocks and what they think about “winning,” and what principles of great training are applicable across sports. Maybe we will even hear what these veteran participants and coaches really think about the judges!

This Session is unscripted and uncensored, so no topic is off the table. Listen in on the lively discussion between Eva Bertilsson, Hannah Branigan, Aaron Clayton, Sarah Owings, Emma Parsons, & Michele Pouliot.


The Uncensored format features a panel of faculty members and speakers, who have a lively, unscripted, and uncensored conversation on a popular topic. Anything goes!