Top OTCh: Skills for top Obedience

Clicker training is THE way to foster a high-scoring obedience competition dog. Done right, clicker training develops a canine partner that performs just as well in competition as in training.

Join Norwegian presenter Cecilie Køste, co-founder of a chain of European clicker training schools that concentrate on developing top-flight competitors, as she shows you how to apply the clicker training you know in innovative ways to achieve extraordinary results.

In this Session, you'll gain new and exciting insights into how clicker training can make obedience training easier and increase your precision and reliability. Using revealing and instructive video, you will learn how to break advanced exercises down into manageable units, to identify the basic skills needed in the obedience exercises, and to walk away with the essentials for training those skills.

People at all levels of obedience competition will benefit enormously from this Session, but the Session will be aimed at those with a solid grasp of clicker training principles and techniques and solid experience in competition obedience.

Cecilie Koste