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The How of Bow Wow

The How of Bow Wow is positively top-tier for those learning clicker training. For beginners, the video takes you through the basics of clicker training and foundation skills that every dog and handler need. For the clicker trainer that knows these basics, the video teaches important skills like maximizing the power of rewards and getting to fluency. Highly recommended.

Winner! Maxwell Award for Best Training and Behavior Video! 
The How of Bow Wow, the latest clicker training video from Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lippman, has won the 2004 Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America! Congratulations, Sherri and Virginia!

This video includes and overview of clicker training and the basic skills:

  • Sit & down
  • Stay & come
  • Hold & attention
  • Off (leave it)
  • Wait, go, settle
  • Loose leash walking

Additional features include:

  • Various ways to produce behaviors
  • Maximizing the power of rewards
  • Teaching skills to a fluent level
  • Adding distractions, duration and distance
  • Tips for improving your training skills

Sherri Lippman & Virginia Broitman