Video on Demand by Karen Pryor Clicker Training | Operant or classical conditioning? (ClickerExpo Video On Demand)

The Great Divide: Is it Operant or Classical?

Behavior consultants navigate multiple pathways as they plan treatments. At the top of the list of considerations is paradigm approach: the choice between an operant or classical conditioning treatment method. A thoughtful approach and a clear behavior-change plan are essential for effective treatment. However, we often become fixed on our learning paradigm of choice, limiting perspective and hindering the ability to take advantage of both learning processes. 

This Session will explore the impact of classical and operant learning in training sessions, procedural selection for initiating a behavior plan, and how a robust understanding of the interplay between processes can power training choices. We will consider the role of emotions in changing behavior, the benefits and limitations of classical and operant conditioning, and how we can harness both processes most effectively for the greatest success for learners.

Please note: This Session was recorded in 2017; content presented in 2018 may vary slightly.  

Lindsay Wood Brown

Lindsay Wood Brown is a board-certified applied animal behaviorist (ACAAB) with a master's degree in animal behavior. Lindsay is a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) course developer and has served as a KPA faculty member since 2012. Lindsay’s goal is to help behavior consultants and shelter professionals apply behavior-change science to their everyday professional lives. Her focus is on stripping labels, flipping prevailing ideas on their sides for a better view, and honing in on systematic ways to advance strategies.

Lindsay consults for animal shelters across the country and provides 1:1 mentorship opportunities for behavior consultants. She previously served as the Director of Operations for Lynchburg Humane Society in Virginia and as the Director of Animal Training and Behavior for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colorado.