The Dynamic Duo: TAGteach & Clicker Training

Marker-based training provides clear communication to learners. Two types of marker-based training, TAGteach (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance) and clicker training, complement one another in many exciting and dynamic ways! This collaboration brings trainers to the cutting edge of the art and science of teaching. Applying the two marker-based training tools within our curriculum enhances the learning experience for everyone involved. Streamlining and implementing excellent observation skills, data collection, and achievable success points, enriches the teachers’ expertise and increases their learners’ experience, leading to better retention of lesson plans.

This Session will discuss how to integrate TAGteach into lesson plans while teaching clients about clicker training. Attendees will learn how to apply TAGteach and clicker training into their class curriculum easily while also applying the TAGteach “Focus Funnel.” Examples and video demonstrations will be included.

Theresa McKeon & Laura Monaco Torelli