Video on Demand by Karen Pryor Clicker Training |

Take a Bow Wow and Bow Wow Take 2

Clicker training has never been more fun! This video is loaded with easy-to-follow instructions for 21 tricks, from basic to more advanced, including some skills that are useful in service dog training.
Take a Bow Wow includes:

  • Touch
  • Ring a Bell to Go Out
  • Pull / Open Doors
  • Wave
  • Roll Over
  • Spin
  • Push a Ball
  • Retrieve a Leash
  • Close Doors
  • Back Up
  • Play Dead
  • Take a Bow

Bow Wow Take 2 includes:

  • Crawl
  • Take, Hold & Carry Items
  • Clean Up Your Toys
  • Turn the TV On/Off
  • Fetch Drink from Fridge
  • Cross Your Paws
  • Throw Away Trash
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Turn Lights On/Off

Sherri Lippman & Virginia Broitman