No Stress: Cooperative Care for Horses

Cooperative care has been the norm in zoos for decades, but the horse world has been slow to follow. Force and restraint have been the primary tools used to subject horses to care and to keep humans safe. But, teaching horses to participate in their own care is safer and more humane. Unfortunately, there are not yet many protocols detailing these training processes. 

Watch this Session and see real-life examples and detailed protocols of horses trained in the positive paradigm to collaborate with de-worming, hoof care, veterinary procedures, and more! Low-stress, low-fear is the wave of the future—and the future is here!

Jen Digate

Her lifelong passion for horses has inspired Jen Digate to reimagine the horse-human bond, and explore both the myth and legend of these magical creatures. Through a blend of behavioral science, practical experience, and positive reinforcement methods, Jen strives to build a collaborative relationship with her horses. She believes in building choice, clear criteria, and barometer behaviors into the structure of her training sessions.

Jen specializes in introducing untamed mustangs to domesticated life, including exposure to husbandry and vet care; exploring the intricacies of balance and healthy biomechanics to promote soundness, beauty, and longevity for all horses; foal training; and helping fearful, anxious, and mistreated horses learn to trust humans and enjoy the game of training.

Jen has been training horses and dogs for 15 years, and holds a Certification for Behavior Consultants - Canine (CBCC-KA). She offers both in-home behavior modification consultations for dogs and group classes through her business, Wild Canine. Jen also holds foundation-level clicker training clinics at Idle Moon Farm in southeastern Wisconsin, as well as clinics with Alexandra Kurland, with whom she has studied intensively for the last five years. Jen offers individual coaching sessions for humans and their horses both through her own business, Spellbound, and as a coach for Alexandra Kurland's online course.