My Question is...Getting Started with Horses

Most attendees come to ClickerExpo with specific questions. Trainers have hit a stumbling block that they are just not sure how to solve, or they can’t quite visualize the next step in the training. Perhaps you’re new to horses and want to know how to get started. Or, you have a horse that gets nervous out on trails. What do you do? How do you connect the dots between all the wonderful presentations from ClickerExpo and the puzzles you’re trying to solve at home?

After a short introduction, Alexandra opens the presentation to attendee questions and demonstrate a process for creating an organized path to a solution. When questions drive the teaching process, more engaged learning occurs. 

At the end of the Session, attendees have not just the answer to their specific questions, but generalizable knowledge they can turn to for training guidance. Knowledge will include an understanding of goal setting within the clicker training framework, skills that provide the foundation for all training, how to define “problems” in a way that leads to solutions, and how to keep moving forward toward your goals.

Please note:  This Session is largely Q&A with a short introductory presentation.

Alexandra Kurland

Alexandra Kurland is a graduate of Cornell University where she specialized in animal behavior. She began teaching in the early 1980s. Her area of particular interest is the development of a horse’s balance: physical and emotional. Helping horses stay sound throughout a long lifetime is the goal. The result are beautiful horses that feel like heaven to ride.

In 1998, Alexandra launched the rapidly growing field of clicker training for horses with the publication of her first book, Clicker Training for Your Horse. She teaches clicker training geared to any horse need or sport—including developing a gentle and companionable riding horse, halter-training foals, training advanced performance horses, and reforming difficult and unmanageable horses. Alexandra travels widely, presenting clicker training seminars in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Alexandra has written The Click That Teaches: A Step–By–Step Guide in Pictures and has also produced The Click That Teaches DVD lesson series and an online course. People outside the horse community may know her best through her weekly Equiosity podcast.