Let's Get Started! Introducing Your Horse to Clicker Training

You’ve decided to clicker train your horse. Where do you begin? Even if you are already familiar with clicker training through your dogs, there are some major differences. For a start, horses are bigger. Eager enthusiasm for the first clicker games can be charming in a dog, but it can quickly become overwhelming in a horse. Adjustments need to be made. This Session takes you step-by-step through your first clicker lessons with a horse. It highlights the similarities between clicking with dogs, dolphins, and other species, and it also looks at the initial lessons that are specific to horses.

Alexandra Kurland writes about this year’s presentation on introducing your horse to clicker training:

"I’ve given this talk at the Expo for several years now, and each time I focus on a different aspect of introducing a horse to the clicker. So if you’re a regular Expo attendee and you’re thinking you’ll skip this talk because you’ve already seen it, think again. You haven’t. This year I’ll be turning the spotlight on yet another aspect of clicker basics that lead to training success with horses.”

These lessons are more than a starting point. They create the core building blocks that lead to performance excellence. This program will outline a training progression that takes you from clicker basics to clicker superstars.

Who is this program for? Obviously, if you are new to clicker training horses this is a must-attend Session. It will provide you with a step-by-step structure for getting off to a great start. But what if you are already clicker training horses successfully? This talk is also for you. Whether it’s for problem-solving or advancing a horse’s training, a review of the basics is an important part of every training plan. Focusing on the details of these early lessons and finding the perfection within them creates a straight path to training excellence.

So whatever your training goals are—great stable manners; a safe and reliable companion; a confident riding horse; superstar performance; a magical relationship—you can have all this and more with a great start.

Alexandra Kurland

Alexandra Kurland is a graduate of Cornell University where she specialized in animal behavior. She began teaching in the early 1980s. Her area of particular interest is the development of a horse’s balance: physical and emotional. Helping horses stay sound throughout a long lifetime is the goal. The result are beautiful horses that feel like heaven to ride.

In 1998, Alexandra launched the rapidly growing field of clicker training for horses with the publication of her first book, Clicker Training for Your Horse. She teaches clicker training geared to any horse need or sport—including developing a gentle and companionable riding horse, halter-training foals, training advanced performance horses, and reforming difficult and unmanageable horses. Alexandra travels widely, presenting clicker training seminars in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Alexandra has written The Click That Teaches: A Step–By–Step Guide in Pictures and has also produced The Click That Teaches DVD lesson series and an online course. People outside the horse community may know her best through her weekly Equiosity podcast.