Video on Demand by Karen Pryor Clicker Training | How to make the sale (ClickerExpo Video On Demand)

Feel Good Selling: How to Make the Sale and Keep Your Soul

You’re a dog trainer, not a salesperson. If, like most trainers, selling your services is a confounding, nerve-wracking process, this Session is for you. Learn simple, comfortable strategies for turning an inquiry into an initial consult, and an initial consult into a full, prepaid training package. Learn how to help potential clients take the step to hire you, and how to avoid common mistakes that leave you with unfilled appointments. Veronica and Gina of dog*tec will walk you through step-by-step processes for handling email and phone conversations (including what to do when you can’t take the call live), and for tackling the sales moment during your initial consults. They will share sample sales language, including how to handle that most dreaded question gracefully: “What will it cost?”

Veronica Boutelle | Gina Phairas

Veronica is the founder of dogbiz. She is the author of How to Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is and the co-author of Minding Your Dog Business: A Practical Guide to Business Success for Dog Professionals. She writes standing business columns for the Pet Professional Guild BARKS from the Guild and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ Chronicle of the Dog. Veronica is a sought-after speaker at conferences and dog-training schools across the country and internationally. She is the former Director of Behavior & Training at the San Francisco SPCA.

Gina Phairas, a central force behind dogbiz, the dog pro industry’s leading business support company, and a former instructor at the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, Gina Phairas oversees the dogbiz University program, developing business courses to help R+ trainers succeed in their dream businesses. She is a dynamic speaker, teaching business workshops across the country and for Karen Pryor Academy. Gina previously ran a successful dog training business of her own and consulted nationally for shelters and rescue groups.