Curtain Up! Unlock the Secrets to Top Ring Performance

Performance day is here. You are excited and nervous. Your dog seems a bit distracted, making you even more nervous. You enter the ring with your dog. It's time to start and yet... it feels like you have a different dog by your side, one that is not looking ready to perform. Oh my—what to do?

In this Session, Michele Pouliot, Emelie Johnson-Vegh, and Eva Bertilsson join forces to share their secrets to top ring performance. They discuss and demonstrate the art of preparing your dog to start each ring performance with enthusiasm and with readiness to take the first cue.

These experienced instructors give you tools to take your ring performance to a higher level than you've ever experienced before. Most of the examples in this Session are from the sports of canine freestyle and agility. Included in the Session is information about identifying environmental cues that affect performance and training so that those cues help performance instead of hinder it. You'll get tools to structure your competition-day performance, with a road map for getting in and out of the ring.

Don't miss the opportunity to see the US and Scandinavia join forces to tackle this very interesting dog-sport topic. Entering the ring will take on a whole new meaning for you and your dog.

This Session includes a PowerPoint presentation, video demos, and live demos from faculty members.

Eva Bertilsson | Emelie Johnson Vegh | Michele Pouliot