Clicking with Class: Teaching Classes Clicker Style

Many professional trainers first try clicker training with their own animals. Then they get excited, learn more, start using it a little bit in the classes they teach—and then get stuck. How do you teach beginning pet owners to click? A good clicker class may be very different from a traditional class. Instead of learning just one set of behaviors, dogs and people can learn foundation skills that enable a lifetime of successful learning. You can teach dogs to actively try to earn clicks, and you can teach people to stop thinking about stopping bad behavior and focus on building new and successful behavior instead.

Tia Guest, Program Director for Karen Pryor Academy, provides the KPA perspective on how to plan and teach successful clicker training classes. You’ll learn about exercises suited for use in a clicker class. You’ll also discover how using TAGteach in a clicker class enables you to teach dog owners with the same principles of positive reinforcement that the owners are learning to use with their dogs.

Tia Guest