Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer

Bonus Video 1: Teaching the Retrieve 
Teach your dog to retrieve with high speed and precision. We show you every step of the training process—as well as an insider secret that you probably never heard before!

Bonus Video 2: Get the Mail From the Mailbox 
In the second bonus video, we’ll show you how to clicker train a dog to get mail from your mailbox. This video shows a very typical clicker training session. You’ll see how the dog is constantly offering behaviors—Morten doesn’t have to say anything during the entire training! He just clicks and reinforces the right behavior. You’ll also see what Morten does when the dog makes a (funny) mistake.

Bonus Video 3: Teaching Heel Position With Puppy 
This video shows how Morten’s dog, Kira (at 12 weeks) learned to offer heel position in just 15 minutes! No, it´s not magic—it’s the science of clicker training, or supertraining!

Bonus Video 4: Getting a Soda From the Refrigerator 
This is a great party trick to impress your guests. It is also a very good exercise for training back-chaining skills. See Morten and his young dog Kira (at 11 months) perform in real life—this is what supertraining looks like!

Bonus Video 5: Teach Your Dog to Wrap Itself in a Blanket 
Very cute trick! In this video you learn how to combine several behaviors that you learn how to teach in the ebook (targeting, down, hold and roll over) into an impressive trick.

Cecilie Koste & Morten Egtvedt