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Bridging the Chasm: How Trainers & Vets Address Behavior Problems

Veterinarians are often asked to help owners who have dogs with behavior problems. When a trainer works with the veterinary community, a productive partnership can easily be established, resulting in better outcomes for clients and their dogs. Too often, vets and trainers don’t pursue these collaborative relationships, perhaps due to differences in communication or expectations. This service chasm doesn't help the clients and dogs that are far better served when the professions work well together. So what can we do?

In this Session, Julie Shaw will help trainers understand how veterinarians think about behavior problems and how trainers can use this knowledge to build productive partnerships with veterinarians and veterinary hospitals. Attendees will learn problem-prevention services, the different roles in problem intervention, and professional communication and forms to improve communication. A clear understanding of roles in working with veterinary hospitals will create a foundation of mutual respect. Standardized language pertaining to behavior modification will enhance problem prevention and interventions, and clear communication and documentation will enhance teamwork between the veterinary profession and trainers.

Julie Shaw