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Behavior Modification: Teaming Up with Vets

The veterinary/trainer behavior team is essential to treating a pet’s behavior issues. A successful partnership may be a significant key to maintaining a strong human-animal bond and to keeping dogs in their homes.

In this Session, Julie Shaw will help trainers understand and develop a mutually symbiotic and professional relationship with veterinary professionals. She will take you inside the veterinary profession mindset and teach you to use that knowledge to build productive partnerships with veterinarians and veterinary hospitals.

Trainers will obtain a clear understanding of the process used in veterinary offices. What facilitates strong teamwork focused on better client outcomes (and what detracts from that) will be examined. A significant amount of case-study video will be used. Special attention will be paid to both teaching high-quality written communication and documentation (across the processes of assessments, diagnoses, treatment plans, and implementation and plan modifications) and to the critical roles played by trainers and veterinary staff.

In this interactive lecture, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on understanding treatment plans that may be prescribed by a veterinarian. As a trainer can play a vital role assisting pet owners with those treatment plans, Julie will outline the questions to ask clients so that prescribed treatment plans can be followed to the pet owner’s best ability. How, when, and by whom treatment plans can be modified will also be discussed. A solid scientific understanding of counter-conditioning, operant counter-conditioning (response substitution), and desensitization will be developed.

Julie Shaw