Gamification: Engaging Training Games for Groups

ClickerExpo 2017 - Terry Ryan - Clip -

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Both humans and dogs are social animals. We enjoy each other’s company. Games can be a natural extension of the good times dogs and people can have together in a group setting. Training classes, neighborhood barbecues, and doggy playdates are all good excuses for people and dogs to play games.

Gamification is the buzzword for a popular trend in adult education. Dog training classes fall under adult education, even though we seem to be (somewhat wrongly) concentrating on the dogs. Terry has almost fifty continuous years of experience as a dog-training class instructor. Her classes have included carefully conducted games to increase the reliability of core behavioral skills amid distractions. Each game has an application to everyday life situations. The games stress education rather than competition, and fun rather than chaos. Not interested in “games?” Replace the word “game” with the phrase “fluency exercise” and we’ll still be on the same page.

Total run time: 45 minutes