Help Your Teacher Help You

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As a student, you appreciate a knowledgeable teacher—but sometimes the abundance of information from a teacher can be overwhelming. Maybe you are an instructor who has seen your students glaze over, but you’re not sure where you lost them. Clear communication with students is the most important ingredient in any educational setting, and is something that is rarely established.

In this Session, we’ll talk about effective student-teacher communications so that you can make the most of each session together.

We’ll use TAGteach WOOF principles:

•What you want

•One thing


•Five words or fewer

The Session will also provide other techniques to encourage concise instructions, timely feedback, and positive reinforcement from your teachers. And, just in case you encounter a stubborn case of over-coaching, we’ll discuss how to reduce incoming information quickly and create your own focus points. You’ll be amazed at the amount of success you can have when you know how to “Help your teacher help you.”

Total run time: 1:20