The Sound of Silence: Accessing the Power of a Withheld Click

ClickerExpo 2017 - Michele Pouliot - Clip -

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Important characteristics of effective clicker training include high rates of reinforcement, well-timed clicks, and valuable reinforcement delivered strategically.

What about the space of time when there are no clicks? Is the trainer waiting for desired behavior or is the absence of a click a deliberate tool to change the dog’s present behavior?

In this Session, Michele Pouliot will address how to most effectively use the absence, or withholding, of the click. Trainers make decisions constantly in every training session. The focus in planning a training session is often about the timing of when to administer clicks. Another training preparation topic is when “not to click”.

This Session will show how thoughtful decisions regarding when to “not click” result in a powerful communication tool with your dog or any animal. Michele will also discuss the prerequisites that the learner needs before the trainer can effectively apply intentional withheld clicks.

Total run time: 1:27

This session was recorded in 2016; content presented in 2017 may vary slightly.