Collar Cues: Communicating through Touch

ClickerExpo 2017 - Michele Pouliot - Clip -

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Collar cues are valuable communication and training tools that are applicable for any service-dog work or dog-sport training. Clicker training your dog how to move via directional collar cues opens a gateway to faster, more efficient training, and provides an additional communication tool when training new behaviors or improving existing behaviors. Training young puppies how to respond to collar cues can provide a powerful foundation skill that supports many other goals.

Join internationally renowned guide-dog trainer and multi-time world champion freestyler Michele Pouliot as she shows you how clicker trained collar cue behaviors can become powerfully positive training tools to add to your toolbox.

This Session is recommended for anyone starting to train a new puppy, training service dogs of any type, competing in canine sports, or simply desiring an easily managed dog on leash.

Total run time: 46 minutes

This session was recorded in 2016; content presented in 2017 may vary slightly.