Your Target Market: How to Have Better Clients, More Success, and Way More Fun

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Have you ever wondered “Just what is a target market? And how on earth do I figure out mine?” Perhaps you're wondering exactly what a target market can do for your business? This Session will introduce you to target markets.

You'll learn:

  • What a target market is
  • How developing a target market can help you find clients and make more money
  • Tools to define a target market for your own business
  • Tools to research your own business geographical area to help you define your target market more accurately
  • Still not sure you need a target market? Here are five benefits to having a target market. Watch the Session to learn how to create your own!

  • You’ll be working with people who value what you offer
  • You’ll have more effective marketing spending—and may not have to spend any $ at all!
  • You'll focus your messaging on your ideal customer's needs, not the needs of every dog owner
  • You'll make better use of your time—you can spend more time with your best customers and less time dealing with low-value prospects
  • You’ll be easier to refer to!
  • Once you get into your target market and educate potential clients on the value of working with you, referrals will be easier to earn.

    This Session is targeted to small-business owners who haven't thought too much about a target market, but know that it's important, and who want to learn more.


    Total run time: 43 minutes