When Good Training Goes Badly: Troubleshooting Your Training Sessions

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We all have “off” days sometimes. We find ourselves noticing that a training session isn’t going as well as we had hoped. Perhaps the dog is distracted, unfocused, or simply wanders off. Perhaps he just stands there staring or barking at you instead of offering behavior. 

If your dog had been making progress in a given training session, and you start noticing displacement behaviors such as yawning, lip licking, scratching, or sniffing the ground, he is probably stressed in some way. Aside from some of the non-training reasons why a dog might be stressed, including temperature, injury/illness, and fatigue, there are several reasons why training sessions tend to go “off the rails.” The good news is: there is help to get you back on track.

In this Session, Karen Pryor Academy Director Lori Chamberland takes a look at some of the most common factors that can derail training, and offers solutions to each one.

Total run time: 43 minutes