Effective Affection: How to Get it Right

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Pet owners often reinforce unwanted and annoying behaviors inadvertently (such as petting a dog when he jumps up) by giving attention and affection for these behaviors. When trainers are shaping new behaviors, they often default to food as a reward, and find it difficult to use petting, scratching, or other forms of affection effectively in order to reinforce behavior. Yet, if the problem behavior is maintained by affection, using affection is often the fastest and most effective way to solve the problem. The pieces that are often missing in this kind of problem-solving are teaching the animal how to receive affection and teaching the human how to use affection correctly to shape behavior.

In this Session, Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz will describe in detail a powerful procedure that can be used to teach animals how to request and receive affection. Then will discuss how to use affection to shape new behavior effectively, with plenty of video examples from a variety of different species.

Total run time: 47 minutes