All For Fun: Classroom Games that Enhance Learning

ClickerExpo 2016 - Terry Ryan - Clip -

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Humans and dogs are social animals. We like to spend time in groups. We enjoy walks together or just sitting enjoying each other’s company. Games can be a natural extension of the good times dogs and people spend in groups. This Session will introduce you to games designed to help dogs practice basic training exercises while in a relaxed group of their friends. The exercises give students and dogs an opportunity to improve their personal best, rather than being presented in a win/lose format.

Birthday parties, Sunday picnics, and training classes are all good opportunities to play games that will expand the fluency of core behaviors. The games discussed in this Session are ones that Terry has played for years in her pet-dog classes. They cut across a wide range of skill levels. Terry’s class instruction protocol places dogs with reactivity issues in a separate program, concentrating on emotional responses rather than core behaviors.

Each game has one or more core behaviors as a practice goal. With creativity, a difficult game can be made easier. Conversely, an “easy” game can be made more complex for advanced dogs. Some games are just for fun… an important aspect of successful motivational training! This Session is a prerequisite and will serve as an introduction to the Lab Session where participants will have the opportunity to try some of these games.