Help! (Do) I need Somebody? Assistants in the Classroom

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We all need help from time to time. Teaching group classes, many of us rely on teaching assistants, often volunteers or trainees, to help us work with large groups. Some of us go it alone but then want to consider expansion through a teaching assistant.

A teaching assistant can be an asset to you and your clients if you have the right person, in the right job, with the right responsibilities, structure, and expectations. Without those elements, your help can create a new reason to cry “help!” An effective assistant in the classroom is not free labor; an assistant provides labor that can free you.

Terry will use her many years of experience teaching group classes to help you evaluate if you need an assistant. She will provide guidance on choosing a good assistant and help you understand the keys to setting up for success. Terry will also discuss the challenges that occur when your assistant may not be as helpful as you had hoped.

This Session is appropriate for trainers of all levels who may work or want to work in a group environment.