Help Me Now! Effective Management for Desperate Clients

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Dog trainers get called when a dog's behavior has become a problem. They are often expected to bring immediate relief at that first session with the clients. In response, and too often, we offer the client the same tired phrase: “The problem didn't develop overnight, and we can't solve it one session.”

Owners need immediate relief from a problem that is causing stress within the family, costing money (or their sanity), and creating potential liability for damage or injury. Gaining client commitment quickly and easily -- which makes our job easier and produces a better outcome -- is as easy as setting up a management plan for the client. Management is often overlooked by trainers who want to “fix” the problem and who don't understand the level of “pain” the client is experiencing.

This Session will provide a framework in which management fits into almost every training plan. It will also explain how to describe and integrate management into your comprehensive training plan, and how sometimes management is all the client was really after (and why that's 100% ok!).