Into the Wild: Taming Mustangs Clicker-Style

ClickerExpo 2016 - Jen Digate - Clip -

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Jen Digate is passionate about working with mustangs. Traditionally, mustangs are “tamed” or “gentled” by the use of flooding, positive punishment, and “macro” negative reinforcement. These methods are hard both emotionally and physically on the horses and can be very dangerous for the human trainer. The fatigue and danger are relevant to the training of any wild horse.

What if there was another way? Well there is! Learn how to approach this work clicker-style. What are the component skills for taming feral or wild horses? How do you teach your horse to approach and enjoy being touched before you have access to the traditional tools of a halter and lead rope? Can this be done without roping, round pens, and eliminating choice from the horse? A horse that we consider “tame” simply possesses a unique skill set. What is that skill set and how can we build it using clicker training? All of these questions and skills will be addressed in this important Session.