Horse Husbandry Part 2: Strong Medicine!

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Part 2 of Horse Husbandry will focus on teaching your horse to extend his basic husbandry skills to those of routine veterinary care.

What are these skills? How do you introduce them in a positive paradigm? If your horse is fearful, how do you teach the horse to relax? You need the horse to relax and offer functional behaviors so you can keep your veterinary professional safe and present positive reinforcement in a useful light.

Jen Digate will include information on how best to partner with your veterinarian to teach your horse how to relax and be a model patient.
Jen will focus on component skills for routine vet care, including: stand on a mat and head lowering, teaching your horse to be comfortable being examined by strangers, tail lifts for taking temperature, presenting for vaccines, and presenting for jugular sticks. She will also describe how to speak to your veterinary professional so s/he can be on board and a happy member of your horse's positive reinforcement team!