Line in the Sand: How to Stay Below Threshold

ClickerExpo 2016 - Emma Parsons - Clip -

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It’s common to see and hear teachers and trainers conducting presentations on reactive dogs (including myself) talk about “thresholds”. “Keep your dog just below threshold” “This dog went over his threshold”

It is a challenge in the real world to keep reactive/aggressive dogs below threshold. Life moves on with its sights, sounds, and activities; life pays absolutely no attention to whether we or our dogs are comfortable within particular settings. And, while many dog trainers and pet owners seem to understand the principle of threshold, often the wrong decisions are made in real time.

In this Learning Session, we will explore exactly what a threshold is, why working within its boundaries is so important, and how to help your students (and yourself) stay within those boundaries. A successful training session depends upon your students understanding and implementing this principle in their everyday life. It is up to us, as their teachers, to help them make preparations in their homes and in the public environments that they frequent.