Food for Thought: Tactical Treat Delivery for Fearful Dogs

ClickerExpo 2015 - Irith Bloom - Full length -

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Overreactions among our pets, as well as aggressive and fearful behavior, seem to become more common with each passing year. There are a variety of techniques for addressing these kinds of behavior, and fortunately, many of these techniques use food in one way or another. Unfortunately, errors in how the food is presented can greatly reduce the effectiveness of these techniques. This Session explores how to optimize the effectiveness of several common training techniques by improving treat timing and delivery. Topics covered in this presentation include: food delivery position proper order of events preventing aversive stimuli from “mixing in” with the food how to maximize choices offered to an animal, even when food is present the use of food as an emergency distraction Through this Session, you will gain a more thoughtful approach to the presentation of food, both in the context of undesired behavior and in more “ordinary” training contexts. This Session includes videos and examples.