Obedience Competition: Break It Down... To Build It Up!

ClickerExpo 2015 - Hannah Branigan - Full length -

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Obedience competition exercises are complex tasks. The very word "utility" strikes fear into the hearts of many handlers. But even the most complex exercises are made up of simpler behaviors. We can break these exercises down into small, achievable chunks, to make it fun and easy for both dog and trainer. In this Session, you'll learn how splitting obedience exercises into the smallest component behaviors and criteria makes training faster and easier, and increases precision and reliability. By watching video examples, you'll learn how to break down advanced exercises and how to save time by identifying basic skills that apply to multiple exercises. Hannah Branigan, who has titled her dogs in conformation, obedience, schutzhund, agility, and rally, shows you how to maximize your pup's potential and build a partnership that will last for a lifetime. Hannah’s own dogs have multiple class wins; AKC, UKC, and CDSP High in Trial awards; and scores that qualify for several Front & Finish Awards of Excellence (FFX). The material presented is aimed at advanced clicker trainers who already have a solid grasp of learning theory, clicker training principles, and shaping techniques.