Breakthrough! Clicker Training Humans

ClickerExpo 2014 - Theresa McKeon - Full length -

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"You mean it works with people, too?" Yes, of course! Nothing works as fast as a click to teach physical skills, whether you're training a golfer to swing, a carpenter to saw a straight line, or a young doctor to do a lumbar puncture correctly.

Theresa McKeon, co-founder of TAGteach International, LLC, the marker-based training application for humans, will bring us up to date on some of the most current successful TAGteach programs in the United States and abroad. These success stories include a statewide special needs teacher-training program, training surgeons in hospitals, businesses improving communications, and a fleet of Bering Sea factory ships TAGteaching all crew members for improved efficiency and safety.

TAGteach has also been beneficial in helping to teach people to train dogs, as well as to work with shelter volunteers and people in other animal-related fields.

Best new TAGteach product? Chaos to Calm, a mother-to-mother guide on using reinforcement at home to teach everyday skills to children on the autism spectrum.