Gimme Shelter: Training & Enrichment

ClickerExpo 2014 - Steve Benjamin - Full length -

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Imagine a shelter where the dogs do not bark, the cats can do tricks, and everybody is smiling. This "dream shelter" can be a reality when you implement some simple training protocols and a low-cost enrichment program, as taught in the new Karen Pryor Academy course, Shelter Training & Enrichment.

Steve Benjamin, course co-author and instructor, will share tips on how to transform a shelter from bare-bones concrete and chain link to a comfortable and safe haven for the dogs and cats that live there.

We will explore a range of topics including "Quiet in the Kennel," addressing barrier frustration, identifying signals and causes of stress in shelter animals, and much more. Attendees will also see examples of behaviors that can help make shelter animals more appealing to adopters and improve the overall atmosphere for staff and volunteers.

This Session will include a PowerPoint presentation and video examples that show the improved quality of life for shelter animals that a broad training and enrichment program can bring.