Hold It, Get it, Bring It, Give It!: The Multi-Purpose Clicked Retrieve

ClickerExpo 2013 - Michele Pouliot - Full length -

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The “retrieve” behavior is impressive to watch and useful to train. But training even a basic retrieve can be very challenging for a number of dogs and their trainers. Many trainers can teach a basic retrieve, but are challenged developing a solid delivery to hand or other target. On top of that, some still insist that a clicker trained retrieve is not reliable.

This lecture challenges that belief. Michele Pouliot shows you the advantages of the clicker trained retrieve, give you the steps to move forward with your dog, and offer tools to use to move forward with other animals. You’ll see how the clicker trained retrieve becomes a highly useful, flexible skill in your dog’s repertoire. Whether your retrieve goals are for competitive obedience, for service dog work, or just for fun, this lecture is for you.

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