Counter-Act!: The Role of Counter-Conditioning & Desensitization in Treating Dog Aggression

ClickerExpo 2013 - Kathy Sdao - Full length -

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Kathy Sdao, an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB), works regularly with aggressive dogs and the people who love them. Here, focuses on the strategies of classical counter-conditioning and desensitization in treatment of reactive dogs. You will learn the science underpinning these techniques, their appropriate applications, and their limits in treating dog aggression.

Trainers often overlook the value of classical, or Pavlovian, conditioning in treating situations that trigger a dog's emotional reflexes (e.g., fear and/or aggression). This lecture answers questions such as: What is the role of classical conditioning in these situations? Can a trainer skillfully use classical conditioning alone? What subsequent operant techniques should be combined with classical conditioning techniques? Are these techniques appropriate for my dog?

The content of this lecture is appropriate for anyone interested in dog behavior issues that range from mildly reactive to highly aggressive.

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