Positively Solved: A Complete Approach to Common Behavior Problems

ClickerExpo 2012 - Debbie Martin - Tia Guest - Full length -

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As dog trainers and professionals, we all face the challenge of developing solutions for behaviors that clients find undesirable. Frequently, clients give us multi-variable, disjointed descriptions of their problems and issues. How can we help those clients most efficiently and effectively? The answers come from applying a systematic, step-by-step approach.

With a solid planning procedure in place, it is possible to identify quickly the reinforcement and/or motivation that drive a behavior, and then come up with possible solutions. If the desired results are not seen, or desired client compliance is not offered, it is also possible to reassess and change the plan.

In this Learning Session, Debbie Martin and Tia Guest will teach you how to apply this training model in order to help your clients with dog behavior problems from A to Z.

Who benefits from this type of program? You can use this planning procedure working with clients, supervising others, or providing hands-on animal training. Dog trainers, exotic animal trainers, veterinary technicians, and behavior managers at shelters and rescue organizations will all find this Session of great practical use. 

This Session is focused primarily on animal issues, not handler issues. Learn from a combination of case examples and live application of the training model to solve audience-submitted cases.

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