Generalization: Scientifically Explored

ClickerExpo 2012 - Jesús Rosales-Ruiz - Full length -

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This Session explains what improves or slows down an animal’s ability to take a known behavior in one context and generalize it to other contexts.

All trainers struggle with helping their animals understand the same cue in different contexts. For example, a behavior that is under perfect stimulus control in the house may fall apart when presented outside. Why is generalization hard? Are distractions the underlying issue, or is something else at work? Are there practices that make it harder? Are there practices that can make it easier and faster?

In this Session, you will learn specific practices to help speed up the process of moving from behaviors under stimulus control in a context-specific setting to behaviors under stimulus control independent (mostly!) of context.

This Session continues the ClickerExpo signature series "Scientifically Explored" where training topics bring the latest academic research angle to bear

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