Crosstrain! Teach Your Dog the Skills Critical for All Canine Sports

ClickerExpo 2011 - Michele Pouliot - Full length -

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Most people think of their canine sport as highly specialized—the skills their dog needs to learn are highly specialized and the training they should have is highly specialized. The opposite is actually true. Many canine sports require similar foundation skills. For example, specific positions around the handler and cued positions at distance are required in many dog sports. Effectively training these foundation skills prepares a dog for competing in your chosen sport, and supports your best shot at desired performance, titles, and championships.

In this Session, you will learn, as just one example, how raised platforms, used effectively, can help your dog master precision positioning and learn new behaviors very quickly. Platform training is practically indispensable when training your canine partner in distance work responses. This Session will cover the effective use of raised platforms and a variety of other methods that manage the physical environment to produce desired responses immediately during training sessions.

Join WCFO multi-international champion Michele Pouliot as she teaches you the foundation training techniques that produce winning performances across sport boundaries.

Whether you compete in freestyle, obedience, agility, rally, or any number of canine sports, you’ll walk away with a new set of positive tools and a whole new approach to your training.

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