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ClickerExpo 2011 - Kay Laurence - Full length -

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Play is nature’s schoolroom. Through play and games, life skills are acquired and mental capacity is stretched. Too few trainers realize the value that play and games have in their dogs’ emotional, intellectual, and physical development. For example, games can fulfill a dog when the real skill cannot be employed. Structured games can teach movement, self-awareness, memory skills, puzzle solving, impulse control, concentration, and focus.

By first becoming aware of the capacity of these activities and then by consciously selecting activities that teach one skill or another, you can more fully enrich your dog’s life and help him or her thrive.

In this Session, we’ll explore the power of play and games and the capacity that each, both separate and in combination, has in developing your dog to his or her fullest potential. You’ll learn new games that you can play with your dog as well as which games will be most useful for developing specific traits and skills in your dog.

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