Breakthrough! Six Powerful Strategies To Get You Through Training Blockages

ClickerExpo 2011 - Alexandra Kurland - Full length -

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Many trainers encounter periods in their training where they are no longer making consistent progress. Perhaps the problem is that they’ve inadvertently fallen into a predictable pattern in their attempts to lengthen the duration of a behavior. These trainers have hit a "glass ceiling." They can get five steps of the behavior, but their animal sticks at six. Or perhaps their training is out of balance. These trainers have created lots of "go-energy" behaviors, but they've overlooked the calming behaviors that keep all that enthusiasm in balance.

In this Session, Alexandra Kurland takes you through six strategies that help navigate past these training "speed bumps."

  1. Training by Priority: Adding Criteria to an Existing Behavior
  2. Swinging the Pendulum: Keeping Behaviors in Balance
  3. Shaping Variety: How to Avoid the "One Trick Pony" Syndrome
  4. Overcoming Fear through the Power of Cues
  5. Loopy Training
  6. Hierarchies of Reinforcement

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