The Complete Trainer: A Road Map for Education & Skill Development

ClickerExpo 2010 - Ken Ramirez - Full length -

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Learning to be a great trainer means developing deep skills in a great variety of areas: stimulus control, marker timing, observational skills, food delivery, shaping strategies, targeting, reinforcement, criteria adjustments, empathy, recordkeeping, dealing with incorrect responses, training plans, and more.

These skills are generally taught as individual topics and skills. As a consequence, it's easy for trainers to lack an understanding of the broader journey or how certain paths intersect and support one another. But like any other journey, you can make a route that works for you if you have a great map. In this Session, Ken Ramirez helps you see the complete training map so that you can make your own way across the training landscape, confident of your navigation and sure of your destination.

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90 minutes